Founded By:


Devon Hubner

My filmmaking career began after my first video production class at the University of Iowa. First taking internships with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic and moving on to working with the Hawkeye Network writing shooting and editing television content I quickly found my place in production. Throughout college I learned about the technical specifics to create quality cinema. After college I moved to Seattle to begin my post graduate career. I quickly found a home with SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival) working as a Special Events Assistant Coordinator.  After festival season ended, I began working as a freelance cinematographer shooting pickup commercial work  for companies based out of L.A. and coordinated remote large file delivery systems.

In the start of 2017 I began working as a Video Production Specialist at Glazers Cameras. Advising on the right equipment for professional productions, creating content, and teaching Glazers was an opportunity to hone my skills and develop a more overarching knowledge of how to create the right budget for the right project. Through the advanced knowledge of the right equipment for the right budget I along with Angelo started Strange Trails Productions to offer positive and affordable media for businesses and personal clients. Currently, I'm working with the startup ShareGrid Inc. on some fantastic new products to help streamline production as we know it. I pride myself in my ability to utilize technologies for filmmaking purposes and ability to lead teams of individuals to success.